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If you can't google it, it doesn't exist. You may like it or not, but it's true, especially if we are talking about business.

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website development tools


Web development

Simply: I build websites. Any kind, but always ready to use, also on mobile devices. With a nice modern user interface and all functionality you expect.


Search Engine


How to be visible in google search results? There are a few ways. I can prepare your Google AdWords campaign, so you are sure that money you're spending on a campaign will bring you good numbers πŸ™‚

graphic design


Graphic design

Logo? I'll create it according to your preferences. I'll give you a few options you can choose from. Timeproof and connected to your niche. Custom icons, flyers, illustrations? Everything can be done!

brand design


Brand design

It's all about raising your brand awareness. I can make graphics projects for business cards, company brochures, social media. I'll help you to choose YOUR style with suitable typeface and colour palette.




Make your website your sales guy! Doesn't matter if you want to sell umbrellas, gym memberships or rent scooters over the web. I'll find the right solution for you!



Web consulting

New ideas are growing in your head? Want to monetize them? I'll help you to choose the right tools to do the job for you.

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Hi. I'm your web developer
here on Costa Blanca.

I've been working with the web for more than 10 years already. I'll share all my experience to make your website run successfully!

I specialize in WordPress development. It's a widely used web engine, around 33% of the internet is built with WP. My current workflow includes designing with powerful Genesis framework, so websites I make are fast, SEO friendly and mobile-ready out-of-the-box.

Suitable for most businesses

For your convenience, I've prepared 3 packages you can choose from. All of them include customized premium theme, modern professional front-page and premium licensed images. All packages are built with the help of an awesome Genesis framework!


from € 488.00

  • One-Page
  • Mobile ready
  • SEO
  • Integrated contact form
  • Integrated social media


from € 647.00

  • Up to
    3 subpages
  • Front Page
    that rocks!
  • Blog section
  • on-page SEO
  • Backup feature


from € 1220.00

  • Up to 7 subpages
  • Front Page that sells
  • on-page SEO
  • Speed optimization
  • eCommerce
  • Integrated online payments

Need a custom offer? No problem, simply tell me what you are looking for and I will find a solution.

Is It Good?


Jordan de Caires

Operations Director, Endoscopy Supplies Co. (Australia)

Jerzy is amazing and talented! He is really good at web design and I will always work with him on my new projects.


Bart Bregman

Enterpeneur (Netherlands and Mexico)

Pleasure working with Jerzy! Does understand the work, and had great consistency of quality throughout the full project. Most likely hire this man again πŸ™‚


Grzegorz Ostrowski

Enterpeneur (Poland)

If you need a website done quick and professionally, call Jerzy. He knows how to do the job. I'm very happy with my new website. I highly recommend Jerzy!


Here I'm answering the most common questions about web design and development process. I'll be happy to clarify anything you have doubts about. Please use a form at the bottom of the page.

with Tomek

Don't be shy!

Feel free to contact me using the form. If you want to receive a custom offer for web development or other services, please switch to "Get custom offer".

Of course, you can reach me the old fashioned way. My phone number is +34 642 283 600. It’s always nice to talk to a real person. We can also meet to discuss the right web development solution for your business. As a freelancer, I don't run a regular office, but there are so many friendly places here on the Costa Blanca, where we can talk and discuss future projects.

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